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Generation StarsGeneration Stars is working 24 consecutive years. And we believe that by now we've created a certain name that people know, and respect. By the beggining of the next year we wish to make a breakthrough on a gaming industry. However, through all those years, same problem occurs over and over again. None of the team members comes from a wealthy family, so we've faced the problem of investing and sponsoring through the past 24 years.

To get our deepest gratitude, and earn outmost respect. Make whole GS Team promise you that they will give a 100% so your investment is worthwile. If you want to support us as an individual, your name will appear in our next game, or the game you choose, written in golden letters. Your name will also be mentioned on our highly visited web site and forum. If you want to support us as a company or other form of organisation, to you we can offer your logo in our next game (or game you choose), adverts in game (depends on the game), and banners on our web sites and forum. At the time being more then that simply couldn't be offerd.

What is the investment for? We have a fundamental need of equipment for making and manufacturing CD/DVD-ROM games. Equipment for: programing more powerfull games, burning them on cds and printing the labels on them. One team member is working on a borowed old computer, can you even imagine what is it like for him? Some may also be invested in promoting the games we develop, which nowadays is obviously needed.
We asure you, the investment you provide will be wisely used.

If you wish to help us by donating, sponsoring or any other co-operation we encourage you to contact us.

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